We provide data for:


  • stomatal responses to abiotic factors, for example 


  • steady-state values of stomatal conductance and net assimilation rate (see for example Merilo et al, 2014)





In addition, we can also provide the following analyses:


  • Diurnal time-courses of stomatal conductance/transpiration

  • water-use efficiency

  • internal CO2 concentration

  • Photosynthetic light and Ci response curves (A-I and A-Ci curves)

  • Measurements of cuticular conductance using rosette/shoot excision

  • Values of leaf mass per area (LMA) and relative water content (RWC)

  • Ultra-high resolution (1 s) measurements of stomatal responses to various stimuli


If you are interested in any of the above, or would like to desgin a custom experimental protocol, then please contact us at info@plantinvent.com